Artistic, Quality Embroidery Services

for Texas and across America

Free Ground Shipping. Free Low Resolution Art Recreation. 12 Orders Minimum

Sophisticated and Expertly-done Embroidery Services Right in the heart of Alvin, Texas.

10 day Turnaround

3-6 day super rush available on select garments.

Free Ground Shipping

That’s right. Free ground shipping nationwide.

Free Low Resolution Art Recreation

You upload the file, we will make it print-ready.

Perfect for Personal, Team, Organization or Business.

Hats, apparels, caps, t-shirts, your annoying neighbor’s doormat — you name where you wanted to put those lovely stitchwork and we’ll take it from there. UpRawr prides to embellish creativity and artfulness in each project we handle.  You will get stunning embroidered works that you’ll be proud to flaunt off.

We put in the hard work and attention to details into those clever layers of durable, lovely stitchwork. Your creative artwork comes to life in a lovely embroidery that looks like your great-grandma personally did it.

Have it your way

We would always love to see your creative works and put them into embroidery. But, just in case you are not that artsy — just as some dinosaurs are not vegan — simply  RAWRRRRR into us and our designers would be glad to help you out in creating your art.

Reliable, Fast and Efficient Embroidery

Imagine this happening behind the scene. As soon as your order is confirmed, our geek mode is activated turning us into vicious artistic pressers. We get into our state-of-the-art automatic and manual embroidery machines, and this is where the magic begins.

Expect reliable turnaround time and competitive pricing. Plus, we’re very transparent about your order’s status. Just holler, and we will keep you posted.

Eco and Dino friendly printing practices

Vibrant, beautiful prints

High-quality fabrics and textiles

Responsive customer support. Just Rawwrrr!

State-of-the-art printing arsenal

State-of-the-art printing arsenal

We Like to Keep Ourselves Busy

Need a bunch of help? We offer huge discounts on bulk orders.